TIBAnt: Ticket tibant-68

Sorry if this isn't the correct place for this.  I don't have the ability to comment on the ticket directly.

For tibant-68, I don't think you want to set the LIB_DIR and JAVA_HOME to always be the same.  For instance, look at this snippet from a Designer.tra file we have.  The host is 64-bit CentOS.


tibco.env.JVM_LIB_DIR /opt/tibco/jre/1.5.0/lib/amd64
tibco.env.JVM_LIB_PATH /opt/tibco/jre/1.5.0/lib/amd64/server/libjvm.so
tibco.env.TIB_JAVA_HOME /opt/tibco/jre/1.5.0

Can you change the regex to use a different property for the lib dir value so it can be overridden from a property file?

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