How to set the machine=%%Process Archive.par-machine%%

I am using ant config to get the configuration file for an already having ear file.

But it  is throwning the below error . just want to know when and who will set the value for machine=%%Process Archive.par-machine%%

[tibant:xslt] error: No bindings set
[tibant:xslt] Property name: Process Archive.par-bindings
[tibant:xslt] Properties available:
[tibant:xslt]     =
[tibant:xslt]     OMS-Process Archive.par--contact=
[tibant:xslt]     OMS-Process Archive.par--description=

[tibant:xslt]     OMS-Process Archive.par--ftWeight=1000
[tibant:xslt]     OMS-Process Archive.par--machine=%%Process Archive.par-machine-1%%


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