Compile and run bwunit test process exclusively


I'm trying to run some unit testing on some tibco process in my project. Everything works perfectly fine in designer. Ant launcher for automated tests works as well, as long as don't include one of our libraries : tibco.freesbi.

We use freesbi as a Blackbox : it offers, for example, some routing and logging processes. The library also contains a few old and now unused processes, and some of them are not to be launched : they could crash the system, and maybe corrupt some part of the database.

When I'm working under the designer, i don't have any issues starting the BWUnit service (or process), and running some tests. But when i try to use ant to run my tests automatically, everything crashes.

I think, but correct me if i'm wrong, that tibant is trying to launch a lot of (all ?) the startup processes from the project into the BWEngine. As I said earlier, some of the startup processes stored into the freesbi library won't work and could crash / corrupt the system.

I try to solve the problem using the Config.Primary.Partitions property, which allows me to select each process bwengine would have to look for and run. Here's the result : the BWUnit process is able to run, but no tests suites / cases are detected.

I try and install BWUnit v4 to see if any changes would help, and I now get 405 errors when I launch /BWUnit.process with the Config.Primary.Partitions.

I'm stuck here, and I don't really know how I could make it work. As we're working on a continuous integration platform (hudson), I need an automated test launcher, I can't just run tests under tibco designer.

Here is some related files to my issue :

I remain available if you need more information about the problem, the tests i'm running, I/O files etc.

Thanks in advance for your help, and please forgive my spelling.



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